Semester: 2016-2017 SPRING

Instructor: Dr. Dumitru Baleanu

Office: R-217

Office Hours:Tuesday:12:20-14:20

Catalogue Description

Basic theory: initial value problems. Linear systems: linear homogeneous and non homogeneous systems. Linear systems with constant and periodic coefficients. Oscillation theory. Stability: definitions of stability and its boundedness. Lyapunov functions. Lyapunov stability and instability. Domain of attraction. Perturbation of linear systems.

Textbook:The theory of differential equations, W.G. Kelly, A.C.Peterson,Springer, 2007.

Reference Book: Ordinary differential equations and dynamical systems, G. Teschl,AMS,2005

Schedule: Wednesday 18:20-21:20, Room 303 (old campus)

Midterm(30%), Final (50%),Term Project (10%), Homewroks(10%)

Exam Dates:

Midterm : 05.04.2017,18:30-20:30, Room 303 (old campus)

Final: 29.05.2017,18:30-20:30,Room 303 (old campus)